Teen Martial Arts

Teen Titans Program

Training for Grades 8-12

This is for kids who are in those awesome junior and senior high years!  Our program draws from several martial arts including Taekwondo, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Krav Maga, and XMA weapons!  This is a comprehensive training system focusing on both the physical and mental.  Perfect for teens who are looking to have a great outlet as well as learn some real martial arts skills.

Fun, Focus, Fitness!   The Teen Titan program is the best thing your teenager will do this year!

Taekwondo – Traditional martial art of Korea.  Kicking, punching, forms, sparring, board breaking

Krav Maga – Self defense system from Israel.  No frills, battlefield tested techniques

Brazilian JiuJitsu – Grappling, submissions, takedowns.  The gentle art.

XMA – all the cool weapons!  Chucks!  Bo Staff!  Combat Stick!


There is never a bad time to get started!  Click or call and come in for a free class!  No obligation.  Get your teenager into a positive life changing experience!